A Holiday Reminder
If anyone is like me...as the holiday season begins it is so easy to get in way over our heads. Remember this season rolls around every year and it is meant to be enjoyed, not stressed out about. 

So I want to give you a few reminders for yourself...

Do what you can and the rest will fall into place as it needs to. 

You’re not going to be able to please everyone and nor should people expect that from you. PLUS, you shouldn't put that expectation on yourself. 

Your kids don’t need all the newest and latest gifts. Trust me half of the time they get over that new gift after two weeks and then want something else. Give the gifts you can with love and love will be received. If not, it’s okay cause you know you gave the gift in love and knowing that, you shouldn’t have to second guess yourself. 

Attitudes, Arguments and all the Hustle and Bustle during this season are only meant to distract you so now that you know that walk away and say “whatevezzzzz”, crank up the Christmas Music and go have a candy cane or your favorite Starbucks drink, or even something stronger ;)... 

Allow for help. Asks your kids to chip in. Ask the friends or family to bring something over. Hire a cleaning lady after the big shindig so you can sit and enjoy everyone opening up the presents and go to sleep with no dishes screaming at you. Hang up the perfection, no one is expecting you to do it all. 

Plan and prepare but don’t over extend (easier said than done I KNOW). 

Enjoying these nexts couple of months can be done and I believe you can make it happen for you and your loved ones! If not remember there is group therapy somewhere. LOL. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year!!!! 
You Are Not Alone.