Changing Your Perspective Can Change Everything
Most of what we don’t like about ourselves... 

Most of the reason why we feel so overwhelmed...

Most of the reason why we think something is wrong or needs a lot of work...

Is simply due to having the wrong Perspective.

Changing your perspective can change everything. 

It can help realign the way you see, think, and feel. 

Team up with yourself and other’s around you that help fuel you in ways to think the best and not the worst. People who don’t give into the negativity or play on words that magnify a situation even more. 

Better yet become this person for yourself. You have what it takes to become a better version of you. 

So here are some questions for ya!

1. What are you seeing? 

If you set out to look for the color Red you will see the color red. The truth is we see what we want to see so if you're not seeing what you want, start looking elsewhere or set your eyes on something new.

So now the question is... 

2. What do you want to see? 

Ok. Next question..

3. What are you feeling? 

Let’s get one thing straight. Feelings and emotions are good. Our society teaches us to suppress. My advice is DON’T SUPPRESS. Instead feel the emotion and then figure out what you can learn from by what it is you are feeling. 

So now the question is...
4. What do you want to feel? 

What we see and what we feel teaches us how we live, and what we think about ourselves and our situation. Becoming in tune with our senses brings us to a state of awareness vs. suppressing. Suppressing doesn’t get you anywhere.

 Awareness gives you something to work with and work through so you have a greater understanding as to where you want to go and who you want to be. 

Take this exercise, practice it and watch your perception shift. 

By simply changing your perception you will be able to believe and see everything can change for the better and work out for your good. 
You Are Not Alone.