Quarantine Themed Nights
As the world has been hit with sudden change and a massive interruption of normality, our family and I found ourselves in the midst of trying to stay afloat with all the projects we already had going plus juggling all this new normal within businesses, loss, and kids getting back into the groove of a school routine (in our case unschooling routine). Also pressing pause on things we were used to like kid’s activities, switching gears with going grocery shopping more than usual just to find normal necessities, readjusting schedules, simplifying, re-evaluating finances, making sure everyone is in good health and the list goes on. My husband and I found ourselves exhausted. Everything had finally caught up to us. For me, one way I unplug or hit the rest button is getting out of the house and creating memories. It was a Monday morning I woke up and said “let’s go watch the sunset tonight, go through the Chick Fil A drive thru, find an open field and open the trunk on our SUV and call it a night.” My husband was on board with the idea, one daughter was totally down for the idea and another just wanted to play games online. So, with one being not so thrilled we said “deal with it, we are doing this anyways.” The night turned out to be one heck of a night. Lot’s of laughs, spills, knees and elbows skinned against the asphalt as we played red light green light, to than making up work outs, dancing, playing music that annoyed our girls while watching the sunset as the sky changed colors, as well as watching the moon appear with so much clarity and brightness. We ended the night with playing the game “Heads UP” by Ellen DeGeneras and laughing so hard until we cried. As we called it a night we all agreed that was pretty darn awesome. 

That night our girls had been talking about creating themed nights as a family during this time of quarantine. I had been kinda ignoring them because I was just trying to figure all this new normal out and for some reason it just felt like theme nights would only add to the chaos. After our fun sunset night I felt like I hit the reset button, BUT even though I felt that way all I wanted to do was just go to bed and not really plan anything else so I said, “ya know what girls? You two can stay up and create whatever you want and I am going to bed.” They were stoked because what that meant was they got to stay up extra late and fall asleep on the couch. The next morning I woke up and Cadence and Mylee couldn’t wait to share their ideas with us. What I thought was just something they wouldn’t actually do I quickly found out they actually went above and beyond, LOL!!!! They made little graphics for each night with all the details, with the theme of the night, what we would eat, and the movies we would watch together.  
We found ourselves as a family trying to get all of our work done quicker within our day just to have these family nights together.

The whole week ended up being a total blast. It sure wasn’t perfect, but the main thing was we made each moment count and so that’s why we are sharing our ideas with you. My oldest created these images of what each night would look like, they wrote out each night on a list that we have on the fridge, and we went from there. I didn’t get details of everything and one night we even missed taking pictures at all, BUT here I will share what I was able to capture + I will write out all the details within each day. 

SIDE NOTE (before I dive in here)
Make every idea simple my friends. I don’t plan in detail so if I can do it so can you! For example, the first night I didn’t pack a blanket, extra napkins, bring games…nothing… Everything was on the spot so take it for what it is. If you are one to preplan than I’d say pick your spot ahead of time, bring a blanket, bring a deck of cards or a game everyone can play together, and go from there. My encouragement for you though is to go with the flow. When doing stuff like this you see everyone’s true colors and sometimes its hard to follow through when we see expectations creeping in and so someone in the group has to keep their eye on the bigger picture and laugh a little a say “this won’t be perfect, let’s go with the flow.” We will always we be learning lessons along the way, but as long as you remain open you’ll be able to see the lessons and learn from them. 

Ready? Here it is!!! 
Monday: Sunset Night 
Food: Chick Fil A 
Location: was an empty soccer field that had a nice few of the sunset
Games: that we thought of on the spot was Red Light, Green Light. My youngest was randomly doing jumping jacks and pretending to run all funny so we jumped on that idea and ran with that. Daddy started doing some workouts and I ran in my flip flops. 
Heads Up App: an Ellen DeGeneres app game and played about 5 rounds of different categories. The game videos tapes you and OMG this will give you some good laughs
Music: I used Spotify on my phone, I turned on the song “Salvation” by Gabrielle Aplin and let whatever came on play from there. 
Tuesday: Movie Theater Night
Food: Hot Dogs wrapped in foil, watermelon and candy 
The girls made fake tickets with post-it notes and acted like we actually went to the movies as they greeted my husband and I walking up, tore our tickets, had us order our food and all that
Movie: Avatar (the night ended with mom falling asleep and everyone else wide awake) 
Wednesday: Fancy Night 
Food: Ahi Tuna Salad for the hubs and I. Breaded Cod and salad for the girls and Pizookie (half baked cookie and ice cream) for dessert 
Decor: The girls used a simple table cloth, lit some candles and made sure we had wine. They wanted us to have a table for just the two of us so we sat in one room to eat while they sat in another room eating. They even turned on some soft music by turning on Spotify that we have on our TV and typed in 
“Candle Light Dinner” and pressed play 
Movie: Beauty and the Beast (we all got comfy clothes on and called it a night) 
Thursday: Game Night 
Food: we had a verity of stuff… 
Nacho’s w/sweet pull pork I had made from a previous night, with cheese, avocado, tomatoes, sour cream, salsa
Soft Pretzels: I couldn’t find at the grocery story BUT I did find pretzel buns that we bought from the target bakery…I served those with some melted cheese
Cheese Balls "Brazi Bites": I bought from Costco and served those with some marinara sauce
Corndogs (one daughter wanted that)
Hot Pocket (another daughter wanted to try those) 
Games: UNO and Farkle 
Movie: Rookie of the Year 
Friday: Restaurant 
Food: We were supposed to make our own pizza’s but it ended up being a very busy day that ran late so we need up picking up MOD pizza and the girls made chocolate covered strawberries
Movie: Ratatouille 
Saturday: PJ Night 
Food: Take Out (we had In and Out Burger) another idea I thought would be fun is to do Breakfast for Dinner (Aka Brinner) but again it was another busy day and remember these are just ideas so work with what you have and do what you can do. This is supposed to be fun, not complicated so KEEP IT SIMPLE. 
Movie: Sleeping Beauty 

The girls had planned this night to be an all night so needless to say the girls lasted until 4am. The hubs passed out at 10pm, I was out by 1am and then woke back up at 3:30 to see the girls were of course still up. I called it a WIN and said yay we pulled an all nighter and let’s go to bed, LOL. Girl's weren’t to happy but the next day was Easter for us and I didn’t want crabby patty’s for Easter so I shut it all down and said “I need you to sleep a little bit so we can all function for our Easter” lol that’s just me but again remember this is all subject to change according to your family’s wants and needs.
Sunday: Was Easter for us.
We had some awesome days and ended our week with a lot of great memories.

My friends there are so many ideas that you and your family can do. My heart is that you can look through our nights, make them your own, and do something like this for you and your family. Give the idea to your kids and see what they create. Make it fun, make it simple, make it be whatever you want it to be. The main thing is may you and your family find little moments throughout this new normal we all experiencing and create some memories. If this is something that can’t be implemented into your life now, tuck the idea away and save it for another time. 

Have fun! 
You Are Not Alone.