The World We're Living In Is Our Own Construction
When I was about 15yrs old we took a family trip to New York. It was a very memorable trip for me. I was obsessed with Nike and couldn’t wait to visit the Nike store. I couldn’t wait to see a broadway show, see the Statue of Liberty and so on. I remember walking the streets and noticing how much construction was going on. Something about it excited me and I wanted to know the details. Is it a new store opening up, are they fixing the roads or the sidewalks...what is it? 

Something about construction right in the middle of a busy city makes me excited where most want to avoid it. I totally get that too. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like driving in this stuff and pumping the breaks a hundred times. Walking through it though...YES! Seeing construction tells me growth is happening, things are being fixed and there is something about a mess and knowing it’s going to get cleaned up oddly enough gets me too (even with having a splash of OCD in me). I love a good process or a good story to tell. I’ve learned when you set out to do mostly anything chances are a plan never goes as planned. So it’s our job to go with it and make adjustments along the way. 

So here I am, as I stood in this construction site, I soaked it all up to remind me life is so much this way. Adjusting constantly, remembering all the hard work it takes to keep going even when there are detours, barriers, stop signs and lights flashing all over the place... it’s our job to keep going no matter what. Life throws us off course sometimes just like construction does. 

There is no magic wand to make it all disappear so learn how to manage and maneuver your way through it all. Because my friend, I know you can. 

Trust me I’m telling myself the same thing too. You are not alone.
You Are Not Alone.